Justin “Texas Red” Wentworth

Frequent OWEN WILSON CAST Guest.

Texas Red

I’m a simple man who enjoys simple things. I take all my meals standing up, typically hovering over a trash can. I reuse the same 16oz Dasani water bottle to drink from day in and day out. My only hobby is charting the evolution of the Kiebler Elf from 1964-present. The most traumatic experience to ever happen to me was being forced to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a summer day when it was too hot to cook something at the tender age of 6. My favorite restaurant is The Cracker Barrel® (my favorite entree served there is The Old Timers Breakfast© with a side of hash brown casserole). My favorite song is “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers. I once ate hot dogs, and nothing more, for 5 days straight. Furthermore, the most amount of hot dogs I’ve eaten in one sitting is 7. My favorite way to prepare hot dogs is over a hot flame courtesy of a propane grill (no charcoal). My favorite condiment on a hot dog is chili and I prefer the “New England style” bun  to the traditional hot dog bun. I’ve never understood how the burger became the fast food staple, when hot dogs taste much better. I’ve never eaten a Wendy’s hamburger. I didn’t learn to tie my shoes until I was in the third grade. I own 11 coats. My role model is Silas Edwin Chase, co-creator of the Necco Wafer, for his unwavering determination and outstanding work ethic that provide a continuous source of inspiration in my day to day life.