Mick “The Gov’na” Murton

Victorian Era Reporter


Mick Murton is an Irish-American living somewhere in England (we think) at some point during the Victorian era. We’re not sure how he is able to communicate with us at Snake & Tea Co. as if in real time, but we like to publish his work anyway. Mick’s hobbies include betting on greyhound races and growing root vegetables. A boxcar tilter by trade, he can often be found at the local pub scribbling nonsense onto napkins- we believe these are the rough drafts of his articles. Again, we’re not sure how to account for his anachronistic existence.

The Murton clan is famous throughout Ireland for the many butcher shops run by members of the family. Everywhere you go, if you mention Murton’s Butcher Shop, someone will tell you not to go there- their meat is of poor quality and might give you dysentery. The Murtons are a hardy people, however, and their perseverance eventually pushed them to the United States, where they raised a flock of chickens for President Millard Fillmore’s cousin Slappy. Slappy Fillmore, however, proved an unforgiving boss, which pushed Mick to move to England for some reason. He currently resides there, in the Victorian era, and keeps us updated with events that are new to him, but mostly forgotten before your grandfather was born. Please bear with him, he’s not very bright.