Anthony “El Duke” Abate


Ant runs his fingers through his hair, while checking himself out in the mirror. “Damn, I look just like Orlando Bloom today, and every other day. Accept the days I look like Colin Farrel.” He is fresh out of the shower, after completing his rigorous work-out routine (a single one-armed push-up). He flexes in the mirror for a while, exactly 45 minutes, same as every other morning. He is now ready to join his loving wife and child downstairs. They eagerly await his arrival. It’s breakfast time, and he asks them if they’re ready for their meaty-italian breakfast. They knew the drill, so they both nodded in unison, grinning from ear to ear. He proceeds to fashion the usual: 3 super-large calzones consisting of: Sausage, Meatballs, Peppers, Eggplant, Little Pepperonies, and three different kinds of cheeses. He knew his way around a meaty-calzone, being a meaty-italian man himself. He sneaks in a morning stretching session with his daughter (exclusively comprised of them holding the Shawn Michael’s pose for as long as they can), before he heads out to work for the day. “Daddy’s gotta go bring home the bacon”.

After a long day, Ant returns home with the bacon and wants to treat the family to a nice sit down dinner. This was not going to be any dinner however, they were going to The Pacific Buffet & Grill where “a world of flavor” waited for them. He quickly gets out of his work clothes and puts on his recreational attire before they head out to this wonderland of culinary delights. Once at the restaurant, Ant is complemented on this shirt by the waitress. It was in fact a women’s floral tank-top and a few sizes too small at that, one that only a man of his confidence could pull off. “Thank you” he replies, then promptly asks if they have “Big Cranky’s” there, his favorite local brew. “No” she replies, informing him for the third time this week. This is just a small glimpse into the glamorous life of a man we have come to know as “El Duke”. Although he demands an absurd amount of money to contribute, Snake & Tea are still happy to have him aboard.