Chapter 9: Table for Two

Into the wee hours of the morning all that could be heard throughout the compound were the loud and rhythmic sounds of hammering, grinding, sawing, and the intense grunting of Axel and Levon from deep inside the armory. They labored away making sure to use all possible materials at their disposal.

The overnight Inventory Manager, who was growing increasingly curious and slightly perturbed by the constant racket, poked his head in to see what they were doing. “What the hell is going on in here?” He exclaims, as he lays eyes on nothing but an empty stock room and a giant, meticulously crafted coffee table with a very sweaty and dusty Axel and Levon hovering around it, putting on the finishing touches.

Before Levon responds, he finishes applying the final coat of glossy lacquer to the left corner of the table. It was but one of three coats. “Just finishing up taking full advantage of all the fine materials you guys had for us in here. You know you guys had some immaculate cuts of wood in here. Rare stuff too, even teak!” He takes a second to wipe away the sawdust from his custom made woodworkers apron, exposing a cheesy novelty phrase on the chest which reads ‘I’m Stumped!’.

The Inventory Manager is visibly upset.

Axel makes his way over to a heap of unused scrap wood and metal and takes an arm full over to the furnace. “Chillax friend, you’re liable to pop a vein making those faces.” In one swift motion he hurls the scraps into the glow of the furnace. The perfectly good scraps incinarate immediately.

Now completely mortified and in shock, the disheartened stock keeper mutters to himself “You’ve used everything, that’s all we had… there’s nothing left.” One solid tear rolls down his cheek, as Axel and Levon coordinate to lift the incredibly heavy and cumbersome ornately-decorated table.

While edging past the man into the hallway, an agitated Levon shouts out, “grab some wood or get the fuck out of our way!”

Now some ways down the hall and already fatigued, Axel yells back to the man, “You keep making that face it’ll get stuck like that!” He turns to Levon and asks “What’s that guys problem?”

Now picking up the pace, Levon responds “Look man, the only thing on my mind right now is getting this fine piece of sexy furniture back to our quarters before I start to cramp up.”

In order to get back to their temporary quarters, they must cut through the largest and most densely populated chamber of the sewer. Unfortunately for them, it was Sunday. Flea market day. People from all over the compound came out for the annual occasion with high hopes and dreams of scoring two for ten dollar knock-off Ray-Bans and shitty fake Micheal Koors hand bags. The crowd was thick and sweaty, only increasing the difficultly of transporting their prized creation. It was the D-Day of furniture relocation. Now at the center of the Flea Market something catches Axel’s eye, in a manner it has never been caught before. Amongst the crowd was a timid looking girl, sorting through a dollar box of comics, occasionally adjusting her thick framed glasses. His heart skipped a beat, which in turn lead him to drop his end of the coffee table a full 6 inches to the ground.