Chapter 10: The Rant

Dude, are you fucking kidding me? Seriously?! After all the time and effort, and love and care we put into this coffee table? All the resources? All the ENERGY?! You’re just going to drop your end, without the slightest heads up or warning at all? How about a “Hey dude, I’m going to drop my end of the coffee table now, just so you know.” next time? How long does that take? Practically no time at all, that’s how long. And you’re just going to fuckin drop your end. Like this coffee table doesn’t mean a god damned thing to you. And here I am, still holding my end. You wanna know why I’m still holding my end, Axel? Do ya? It’s because this coffee table, it means something to me. I mean, for fuck’s sake I made this coffee table with my bare hands! We made it! The finished product is god damned beautiful! And you dropped it! With out a care in the world, you just let it drop straight onto these filthy, scummy floors without any resistance at all. I know what you’re thinking, “What’s the big deal it’s just a coffee table?” Just a coffee table, JUST A COFFEE TABLE?! FOR FUCKS SAKE! Am I the only one in this world who has any sense of accountability at all? The only one who’s not willing to let something they dedicated their time to create fall prey to entropy and decay? There’s enough rotting garbage in this world. I’m not about to stand by and let something so beautiful and well put together crash down to the filthy earth just because other interesting opportunities come along. You don’t start what you can’t finish, those are words I try and live my life by, and this coffee table started when we picked up that first piece of rare, even grained wood and it should have ended when we safely got it to where it belonged. Complete, in it’s new home, at it’s final resting place. And now look at it… both legs are splintered and frayed, the finish on your side is COMPLETELY compromised, not only taking away from the ascetic value of it, but leaving it now vulnerable to water logging, warping and god forbid infestation by wood-loving mites and insects! But what does it matter to you? What does it matter to anybody? To everyone else, this is just another project that never got to it’s fruition. Another mangled up, broken down dream left to wither away in the harsh reality of life. This is why no one tries, this is why no one gives a shit. Take a good look, take a real long hard look at this coffee table. It is the physical embodiment of yours, and everyone else’s callus attitude, jadedness, and tendency to go about everything with reckless abandonment. This is what is left in the wake of selfishness, why everyone who is successful gets to the top by piling up the hopeless metaphorical bodies of all the people they have slighted and discarded along the way. Why those who feel they deserve to be just handed things, can’t even appreciate whatever that is once they get it. Ill tell you one thing, I am done. Done trying to work with others, trying to get along and go about things in an amicable way. Trying to foster a communal sense of compromise and understanding. Because, in the end you still get fucked. No matter how many favors you grant people, or kind gestures you show them, or generally polite course of conduct you show in any or all situations, you’re still forever stuck holding up someone else’s end. Cause In life, everyone wants a coffee table, but nobody wants to hold it.