Through Sneak-Ways

Imagine a world in turmoil, with the uprising of an extremist cult and an emergence of disturbing monsters across the globe. Now imagine that two dudes with an unpractical taste in fashion, no focus, and good-natured drinking problems were it’s only hope. Through Sneak-Ways catalogs the raucous adventures of Axel and Levon, as they fumble through doing the best they can. Laugh with them, learn with them… maybe even grow with them.

This X-TREME novel features exciting battles, witty banter, a snowballing cast of characters, and even a strip tease from Jennifer Connelly (for some reason). See how far you can get into it until something about it puts you off and you stop reading it altogether!


Chapter 1: Welcome to the Hotel Carridine

Chapter 2: A Webb of Destiny

Chapter 3(A): A Night At the Trench-Maze

Chapter 3(B): A Day At the Beach

Chapter 4: The Ocean Depp’s

Chapter 5: Pissin’ At The Dock Of The Bay

Chapter 6: Night at the Museum…4?

Chapter 7: Dancing in the Streets

Chapter 8: The Denim Underground

Chapter 9: Table for Two

Chapter 10: The Rant

Chapter 9: (Continued)