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You ever get tired of walking on your own two feet, with your own two legs? You do it so often you start to take it for granted never thinking about the next step, it just seems to happen automatically without any thought or foresight. Throw yourself in a potato sack with your buddy and every step becomes an adventure. Here at Snake & Tea we’re putting the three legged race concept into every other aspect of life in the twenty-first century. Internet, computers, pool maintenance, 2002 Buick Lesabre window repair, podcast, savory one-pot meals, media consumption, environmental conservation, articles, almost back-flips and pottery. If you think things are tough now, throw yourself into a sack and think again, sucka.


Snake & Tea Co. was founded by two individuals, the Big Snake and Crazy Tea (pictured above enjoying a tandem beach-day), in the year of our lord 2012 as a response to an outcry of demand from a lot of people. From there, they began writing a loose facsimile novel based on their lives, which is due out soon. They also started a very successful podcast centered around the work of actor Owen Wilson. In recent years they’ve expanded to organizing events, filming videos and expanding their harem of characters.

What’s New Snake & Tea?

We’re glad you asked!

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